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Explanations & Thought Leadership Pieces

Here are some video resources and information that further support our thinking and our work to help charities raise more money for their important missions.

More gifts from DAF’s

Brad Caswell talks with Joe Tumolo  of Gift Planning Development, LLC, about practical ways to generate more gifts from Donor Advised Funds.

Illiquid Assets Explained

Bryan Clontz, Founder and CEO of Charitable Solutions LLC and nationally known expert on donations of illiquid assets, developed a sequence of 8 short videos to help explain some asset types, with a few case studies to make the situations come to life.


Cash is NOT King…

Dr. Russell James, Chair of the Dept of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech, speaks on his research into 1 million non-profit tax returns to determine what growing organizations do differently than others, and the powerful predictive nature of non-cash asset gifts to long term fund raising growth.


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