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We feel strongly about philanthropy, and we share our thoughts and experiences here in our blog posts and elsewhere to provoke thinking and action.

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Five Reflections on Philanthropy

I feel very fortunate to have had a long relationship with philanthropy. The last 20 years, in particular, have been full of reflections on the industry and my role in it. Working in this field is uplifting and instructive, and my day-to-day encounters have only added...

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Case Studies and Success Stories

An effective way of explaining how our ideas and solutions work in real life is through stories of successful gift situations. These can be shared with peers and colleagues, and many have found them to be a good way to illustrate gift possibilities to donors as well.

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Real Estate Gift

This real estate gift netted almost $6 million to fund a donor-advised account to further benefit charities of the donor family’s choosing.

Business Interest Gift

A partial interest in a web-based business made charitable gifts possible of over $10 million to each of 4 charities.

Retained Life Estate Annuity

The structure of this donation provides a triple benefit: it allows the property owner to remain in their house until they pass AND pay them $65,000/year AND is still expected to have funds to issue significant grants to charities upon the owner’s death.

Donor Inquiries

Unsure of how to talk to donors about illiquid asset gifts? These discussions can be involved and can take a few conversations – but don’t say “no” too fast. These inquiries can build and expand your relationships with your donors that can lead to lifelong support of your work, and can bring large dollar gifts to support your mission.


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