There are two gaps of knowledge we can help close and two paths we urge following

1. Donor-advised funds and operating charities: yes, we can get along

Donor-advised funds have been around since the 1930’s. They’ve been growing faster than other forms of philanthropy in recent years, and they are popping up here and there every day. And we hear dissenting voices and fears that donations to DAFs are a zero-sum game for non-profits and that DAF monies don’t reach the good missions of the world fast enough.

Our new business is about educating all parties in the DAF space, sharing ideas and information, and opening a conversation. We need to reshape the dialogue so that it’s about donor-advised funds and charities working more effectively together to do the public good.

2. Donations of illiquid or non-cash gifts: don’t take a chance and don’t walk away

We are surprised at how few donors, their advisors, and charities understand and appreciate the benefits of donating illiquid assets, especially those that have appreciated in value over the years.

They can be big and risky – true, but walking away from those opportunities isn’t the only route available to you. We want to demystify those gift situations, working closely with non-profits and donors and advisors of all stripes. We can facilitate these gifts with donors and charities, with a focus on minimizing risk, mitigating liabilities, and maximizing the gift potential to all parties.

Our new venture – the Acadia Squam Group – is designed to prompt win-win conversations and actions with charities and their loyal donors, and with financial advisors and their clients.

We’re excited to advance these ideas and attitudes, and together with charities and donors, embark on these pathways to better giving.